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I am a self taught portrait artist in the Niagara Region. Having leanings towards both the logic and creative side my work tends to be more realistic, drawing what already is, executed with a creative approach; Bold colours, loose strokes and intuitive shading.  I take great pride in maintaining the resemblance to the subject matter and obtain it with a certain ease due to many years of experience. I have become almost obsessed with the challenge of how quick a perfect likeness can be recreated and am becoming known in Niagara for Ten Minute Portraits, so pay attention and you can catch me at an event, (listed in "News") for your very own! Or check out my growing collection of YouTube Videos (in "Art Portfolio" under "Videos")


I have the strong belief that talent is really only skill resulting from having the passion to put in the time. I have been currently honing my efforts towards anamorphisism, hoping to be be busking as a sidewalk artist in addition to Ten Minute Portraits soon.


I was featured as an artist in Niagara's 2014 Priceless Auction with the peice: The Back of Saint Paul Street, and was lucky enough to have my Boredom Pulled the Trigger cartoons published in The Brock Press during 2009. BPT was a web comic I worked on from 2008-2013 (you can read the archives here at Recently I enjoyed performing as a live artist for the event #IAMHUMAN in St. Catharines, Ontario.


When I am not creating art I am overwhelming myself by trying to take on some other skill. I have a ridiculous collection of hobbies, and multitude of interests. I really enjoy the life around us. I am happiest on the beach with my best friend and a cold beer. I love the internet and I love learning about others and learning what they have to share with us.


Thank you for taking the time to view my art.






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